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How much does a PCA cost and what does it include?

The cost is $300 for women and $250 for men (payable by check, cash, credit card, or PayPal).  This fee includes the swatchbook (an $90 value),  a makeup application (for women) in your new colors, and instructions on how to shop using your color swatchbook.

Why do I need a PCA?

We are all created with our own natural coloring.  Without knowing your colors, you cannot know best how to dress yourself with clothes that harmonize with you and your colors.  A personal color analysis gives you the knowledge to make informed purchases with clothing and all other fashion accessories.  It has also been known to help people feel more confident in their careers and personal life. 

Can I wear makeup to my PCA?

No, your skin should be free of all makeup.


Can I have a tan?

Please try to keep your face from direct sunlight for 2 weeks prior to your PCA, especially if you tend to burn easily. Please do not have a tan from tanning beds or tanning lotions.  All of these things can askew the results of your PCA.


What should I bring to my PCA?

Bring along a few of your favorite clothing items and your current makeup for us to swatch after your PCA so that you can see if these things are best for you.

Can I bring friends or family with me?

It is encouraged for you to bring one or two people along with you.  Only one person can be analyzed at a time but it can be enjoyable to have others with you to see the process of the PCA.


Can I wear my glasses?

If you need your glasses to see during the PCA, it might be best to wear clear contacts if you have them.

Does a man's facial hair affect the results of a PCA?

As long as the facial hair is the natural hair color (no artificial coloring) it will not affect the PCA result.

Are the luxury drapes included in the PCA session? 

Yes! The luxury drapes are another 15 drapes in each season that show clients some fun colors they can wear in their season.  

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